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Delivery Driver Pilfered 90k in Gourmet Pastry

A New York delivery driver allegedly stole $90,000 worth of luxury baked goods and sold them to unauthorized resellers at a lower-than-list-price on the black market.

32-year-old David Lliviganay started working as a delivery driver for the Lady M Confections headquarters in Long Island in 2017.

According to the Lady M Confections website, their signature crepe cakes “feature(s) no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream,” and they are priced at $90 each.

In November 2018, Llivinganay was accused of taking sweet treats without permission after attention was called to the possibility that product was being sold for profit without the company’s consent, and for a lower price than what they are normally sold.

The following month, the company filed an official police report naming Llivinganay as the perpetrator of the alleged thefts.

It has been contended that Llivinganay stole over 1,000 crepe cakes over a three-month period from the freezer at the headquarters, and the company’s surveillance cameras allegedly recorded the man in action. The images reportedly depicted the suspect making many trips to sneak the inventory to his vehicle in what was believed to be a purposely conspicuous manner.

Llivinganay was placed under arrest for the allegations, and he was charged for 15 misdemeanor counts of petty larceny.

When Llivinganay went to court in July regarding the charges, he entered a plea of guilty, and he is expected to face sentencing at the end of September.

Though Llivinganay will face a legal penalty for the criminal charges, Lady M has also filed a civil lawsuit against the man asking for repayment in full, in addition to punitive damages.

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