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Couple Charged For Spending Money in Their Bank Account

A married couple has been accused of treating money they discovered in their bank account as a windfall by spending it before contacting the financial institution to find out where the hefty sum came from.

On May 31, Montoursville couple Robert and Tiffany Williams reportedly noticed an inexplicably large balance totaling $120,000 above the $1,100 they actually had in their account at the BB&T Bank.

Though they allegedly knew that the money wasn’t theirs the Williams’ reportedly spent nearly three-weeks following the financial anomaly indulging in purchases including but not limited to an SUV, two ATV’s, and a car trailer. Bills were paid, and friends with money trouble were awarded $15,000 by the couple, purportedly using the funding found in the account.

On June 21, a representative from BB&T notified the Williams’ and explained that one of their tellers had entered the bank account number incorrectly when processing a deposit from a company with an account at their institution. They were informed that the mistake would be reversed and the money would be put into the proper account.

Since the couple had already reportedly spent $107,000 of the money Tiffany requested to be allowed to figure out a workable plan to make payments in order to make restitution. The bank agreed, but they were allegedly unsuccessful when trying to reach out to the couple after the first time they spoke.

On September 3, both Tiffany and Robert Williams were taken into custody, and they were each charged with three felony counts of theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, and conspiracy.

After they appeared in court on September 9, Robert reportedly told a local news station that when it came to the money in question he decided to take some advice that he shouldn’t have.

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