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Deputy Shot Sword-Wielding Man During Altercation 

A Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputy opened fire and shot a man that reportedly rushed at him with a large sword. 

27-year-old Nicholas Gene Howell lives in Spotsylvania, Virginia. 

On July 18, Howell was at his parents’ home. His parents and other family members were also at the house. 

It was reported that the man and one of his relatives got into a situation where Howell allegedly threatened their life.

One of his parents called Spotsylvania 911 and reported that they were experiencing a domestic disturbance and that their son had a dangerous weapon. 

Deputies with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the address to investigate the claims. 

When they saw the man they believed was the suspect, the police reported that he started to flee toward his relatives, who were standing at the back of the residence. 

The suspect, later identified as Howell, was allegedly holding a Spartan Warrior-style sword. It was reported that the weapon measured just under 3 feet at 33 inches. 

Howell reportedly turned and saw one of the deputies. The man allegedly ran at the deputy with the sword drawn, causing the officer to believe he was in danger of being harmed. 

When the deputies tried to move out of Howell’s path, it was reported that the man was running too fast and quickly closed in on the officer. 

The deputy drew his gun and fired at Howell, and the man was struck with several bullets. 

While they awaited EMT so that Howell could be transported to the hospital, the deputy provided first aid. 

Howell is being charged for suspicion of attempted malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer for the failed alleged sword attack, and the authorities announced that he may face additional charges. 

The deputy was placed on administrative leave, and Howell was reported as being in stable condition and recovering in the hospital. 

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