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Man Stole 5,000 Pounds of Copper from Interstate Lights 

A man accused of stealing nearly 5,000 pounds of copper wire from Interstate lights was apprehended when he went into a recycling center while the police were on the premises investigating the same crime. 

31-year-old Clarence Wayne Giles lives in the Charleston area of West Virginia. 

According to the authorities, in March, someone began to steal copper wire from several light poles on Interstates 64 and 77. Due to the missing wires, portions of the roads were dark, causing a potential hazard to the drivers. 

The police opened an investigation and reported they found a part of a fence near a light pole with a hole cut in it. They also discovered that copper wire was missing from the pole. 

When they continued searching along the Interstate in Charleston and South Charleston, the police reported that they found many other light poles with missing copper wire. 

It was reported that the authorities discovered that the suspect, later identified as Giles, was stealing the copper wire and taking it to recycling stations to sell it for cash. Records of 47 separate transactions believed to be related to the thefts were uncovered, and the suspect reportedly made $16,000 by selling 4,734 pounds of copper wire. 

Last week, the police were at a recycling center continuing their investigation into the stolen wire. 

A man identified as Giles walked in, and he was recognized by the officers. 

Giles was placed under arrest and booked into the South Central Regional Jail. He is facing charges of obtaining property by false pretenses, receiving, transferring stolen property, grand larceny, destruction of property, and breaking and entering. Giles is being held in lieu of a $5.000 bond. 

It was reported that it cost $1.5 M to repair the damaged infrastructure of the lights. 

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