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Detention Officer Caught Selling Drugs to Prisoners 

According to a press release from the Troupe County Sheriff’s Office, a detention officer has been accused of bringing contraband into the county jail and selling narcotics to several inmates. 

The Sheriff’s Office sergeant disclosed in a news release that 23-year-old Steven Michael Crowder began his position as a Troup County Sheriff’s Office detention officer at the Troupe County Jail in Georgia at the start of 2022. 

It was reported that last month, the authorities learned of allegations that Crowder was smuggling narcotics into the institution for the purpose of selling them to some of the inmates. 

The Troupe County Sheriff’s Office revealed that an investigation was opened to try to learn the details of the situation.  

According to reports, the authorities believe someone was working as a middleman. After thoroughly looking into the circumstances, they determined that “Crowder is the only detention officer involved in this case.” 

Information released in news reports indicated that Crowder was taken into custody for the allegations. Crowder is expected to face charges of four counts of violation of oath by a public officer, four counts of items prohibited for possession by inmates, and one count of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. 

If Crowder is tried and convicted of these charges, he could face a minimum of one year and a maximum of twenty-five years in prison. 

According to a statement given by the sheriff, all the officers who work for the department are specifically made aware of the penalties involved if they bring contraband into the jail or take part in criminal activities. 

The inmates asserted to have been a part of the alleged narcotics sales are also facing charges. 

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