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Domestic Assault Suspect Tased for Pulling Knife on Police

When officers tried to detain a suspect for alleged acts of domestic violence, the man reportedly grabbed a large knife and wielded it in a threatening manner toward the officers in a purported attempt to avoid arrest.

50-year-old Daniel Edwin Kostecky resides in the Two Rivers Inn West in Jamestown, North Dakota.

On December 12, Kostecky and a female companion were together in his hotel room when they reportedly began to have a verbal disagreement.

Just after 10:00 pm, 911 answered a call and reported that the line went dead. The operator redialed the number, and the person who picked up said they had made a mistake when dialing.

The operator gave the information to the Jamestown Police Department, and they sent officers to perform a welfare check as a precautionary measure.

When the police arrived at the motel room, they reported that they spoke with the couple and determined that they quarreled and no one had been physically harmed.

Within 40 minutes of the officers leaving the location, the police department was notified of a possible assault that had taken place in the motel where they had just been. The woman was identified as the same person they had spoken with, and she reported that Kostecky had punched her in the face.

The police went back to the site, and they reported that Kostecky was in the front office and tried to bar them from opening the door.

As they allegedly wrestled with Kostecky over control of the door, the man reportedly decided to take the chance to attempt fleeing out the back door.

When Kostecky was near the exit, he allegedly grabbed a large knife and held it in front of him in the direction of the officers.

Kostecky lost his balance and fell onto the ground, and the knife reportedly fell out of his hand. Before the officers were able to pick it up, Kostecky allegedly regained control of it.

After reportedly issuing several warnings that they would be forced to tase him if he did not drop the knife, Kostecky, who was still on the ground, was tased by an officer. He reportedly did not give up the weapon and allegedly said the police would need to use their guns to stop him.

When Kostecky tried to stand up, an officer tased him again, and they were able to take the knife away.

Kostecky was taken to the hospital for evaluation, and he is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic assault and terrorizing.

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