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More Than a Dozen Charged in Heroin and Cocaine Delivery Service Bust

A business in Van Nuys that is suspected of selling drugs through a telephone operated delivery service led to sixteen people facing charges. The service is said to have been selling heroin and cocaine to purchasers phoning in personal orders, in addition to selling bulk amounts to a drug ring.

A 40-year-old man from Sylmar identified as Sigfredo Gurrola Barrientos is the alleged manager of the operation named Manny’s Delivery Service, and he supervised six others. They worked for the Van Nuys located operation by taking telephone orders, delivering of the narcotics in company designated vehicles, and a variety of other tasks pertaining to the service.

Starting at the end of August, recorded conversations monitored by law enforcement documented that those involved with the drug ring had procured numerous kilograms of heroin and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pacoima resident Jacqueline De La Rosa, 24, allegedly obtained large amounts of the drugs which she stored in her home.

The narcotics were packaged into small increments and sent to Manny’s Delivery Service where buyers placed their phone orders, and drivers met them in assorted locations for instant sales.

On Wednesday, police reportedly seized 14 pounds of heroin, over a pound of cocaine and a large amount of stored monies believed to come from the drug sales. Barrientos and the six people working with him were taken into custody and face charges including conspiracy and possession of drugs for distribution. Law enforcement is seeking seven other people they believe have connections to the case.

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