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NJ Councilman Suspected of DUI after Crashing into Tree at His Home

A Councilman from Plainfield, New Jersey was arrested on December 9 for allegations that he was driving under the influence of alcohol after a series of curious events took place during and after he struck a tree in front of his home.

As reported by neighbors, a Hyndai Elantra allegedly operated by Councilman Barry Goode was driven into a tree late Friday night. In what was assumed as an attempt to stall the engine Goode put the car into park and held his foot on the gas.

A concerned neighbor tried to assist by opening the door to the driver’s side of the vehicle so that Goode would not become injured. Goode was then purportedly seen falling onto the ground. A neighbor used a cell phone camera to record the Councilman tumbling to the ground, and police later duplicated the footage for their reports.

Goode stood up and made his way into his home where he left the door ajar and he began removing his clothing. Neighbors alerted the authorities about the incident, and when they arrived at the scene they located the Elantra a short distance away from the tree that was struck by the car and found it was unoccupied. The vehicle’s bumper had become unattached from the front of the car and remained in the street.

As officers approached the front door of the house they discovered footprints in the snow leading to the entrance and that Goode had left his keys in the lock. They attempted to knock on the open door to announce their presence before entering. When they went into the house they found Goode in the process of removing his garments.  They allowed him to put clothing on before interrogating him about the events leading to their arrival.

Goode, who displayed signs of heavy intoxication in the opinion of the officers, informed them that he had been at home and he did not know why they were there. He was taken into custody and faces charges for driving while intoxicated, careless driving and refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test.

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