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Driver Kidnapped Several Sets of Santa Ana Uber Riders

A man from Anaheim who is a driver for Uber is suspected of attempting to kidnap up to four different rides that he was providing services for in Santa Monica.

On Halloween night, a car matching the description of a vehicle authorized to serve as an Uber was reported to 911 just before 7:00 pm by a woman inside of the car. The customer reported that she had ordered a ride and her driver was not allowing her to get out of the car.

Police dispatched to search for the blue Prius that the woman reported. While they were in the process of looking they were notified of three more calls that were received by emergency services with reports of the same type of car, and the callers said that the driver had tried to kidnap them. All of the people additionally stated that they had the impression that the driver had a gun in the vehicle with him.

When a vehicle that they believed was the one that the callers had described was seen by responding officers they tried to it pull over. The car reportedly also had two passengers inside of it at the time.

The car allegedly did not stop when being pursued by the police and they continued trailing it through a residential neighborhood. Both of the people in the vehicle at the time reportedly jumped out while the car was still in motion.

After following the car around the block a few times the attempts to apprehend the driver, identified as 35-year-old Khaled Elsayedsa Ali, were successful.

Ali was placed under arrest and booked into the Santa Monica jail on suspicion of kidnapping, and felony evading arrest. At this time the charges do not reflect that Ali was found in possession of a weapon.

The passengers who were reported as jumping from the moving car were said to be scraped up and bruised but did not have serious injuries.

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