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Longtime Fire and Rescue Worker Accused of DUI

A man who has worked for the city Fire-Rescue department for 15 years has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol after he was allegedly found inebriated inside of his parked vehicle.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office received a call reporting that a vehicle was seen speeding down the street before parking in front of the courthouse where the driver remained inside of the car.

A sheriff’s deputy went to the location and found a vehicle fitting the description given in the call. When he approached the car he noted that the person in the driver’s seat was asleep. Upon waking him the man was identified as Michael Ovdiyenko.

The deputy believed that Ovdiyenko appeared to be intoxicated and when he was questioned he did not deny that he had been drinking, but he said that he did not operate his vehicle while he was under the influence.

Ovdiyenko was reported as friendly and compliant upon initial contact with the deputy, but his behavior and words purportedly became aggressive as the encounter proceeded.

He did not consent to roadside testing, and he disclosed that he was experiencing chest pain, so he was taken to the local medical center for treatment. Ovdiyenko denied consent for a blood test while he was at the center.

Early on Thursday, Ovdiyenko was booked into the county jail on suspicion of DUI, and he was released on his own recognizance within a few hours.

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