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Driving Mom Gave Bike Riding Juveniles an Illegal Tow

When her child and his friend were unable to make it home from the lengthy bike journey they had taken, the mother reportedly assisted by using her vehicle to tow the juveniles while they sat on their bicycles.

On June 23, two boys decided to partake in an excursion involving a 6-mile bicycle ride.

While trying to make their way back home, the boys became too tired to continue and called one of their mother’s to have her pick them up.

When 34-year-old Nicole Marie Paris, mother of the youngster identified as “T.P” in the arrest report, received the call from her son she agreed to come and get the boys in her car.

After Paris met up with the juveniles, whose ages were not disclosed, she reportedly found that the vehicle was too small to carry the bicycles and the children at the same time.

When she tried to figure out the best way to accommodate the situation, Paris reportedly decided that she would extend a towel out of the hatch in the back of the car so the kids could stay seated on their bicycles, but she could use the power of the vehicle to escort them home.

The kids went along with the alleged plan, and after the car was in motion T.P. lost his connection with the fabric and fell. His friend was still hanging on to the towel and the tires of his bike rolled over T.P. while the boy was on the ground.

Paris, whose son reportedly encouraged the police to charge his mother for the incident, is facing charges for two counts of misdemeanor child endangerment, and two charges related to allowing the children to travel on their bicycles while holding onto the car.

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