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An Arkansas man was arrested after he allegedly kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach during a domestic dispute.

According to reports, last month, a pregnant woman who lives in Gassville with her boyfriend and their children let one of her friends borrow a car. The vehicle belongs to her boyfriend, and the couple got into an argument about the amount of gas that was used. Shortly after the fight began, the man reportedly made an offensive comment about their children. After asking him to stop saying such things, the man allegedly became physically aggressive and pushed his girlfriend. When the woman lost her balance, he reportedly kicked her in the stomach.

The authorities were notified, and officers from the Mountain Home Police Department, in addition to first responders in an ambulance arrived at the scene. The woman, who had bruises on her stomach believed to have come from the incident, was taken to Baxter Health for medical assessment and care. According to reports, she was told that everything should be okay since her pregnancy is not that far along.

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A Florida man accused of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is facing several charges after allegedly driving on the wrong side of the street when he had two youngsters as passengers in the back seat of his car.

According to reports, on July 4, a man with two young children was driving an SUV past the Arcadia police headquarters. An officer spotted the vehicle and reportedly noticed it was being driven down the wrong side of the road. The officer pursued the SUV and performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over without incident, and when the officer approached to talk to them, they noticed two youngsters sitting in the vehicle’s back seat. The driver was asked if he was aware that he was driving in the opposite lane, and the officer reported that the man would not respond. The smell of alcohol was allegedly coming from the inside of the car. It was also reported that when the officer looked around the vehicle, he believed there was something that looked like a joint in the center console, in addition to a vape pen believed to contain THC oil.

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An Arizona woman was arrested after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old girl daughter in the car by herself in intense heat while she went shopping.

On June 15, temperatures in Mesa reached a high of approximately 110 degrees. With a low of 81 degrees, the heat lasted well into the evening.

According to reports, around 7:30 PM, the mother of a 4-year-old decided to go to a local shopping center, and she brought her daughter with her. After she parked, the woman tried to get her daughter to get out of the vehicle and go with her into the store. The youngster refused, and her mother reportedly gave in and allowed her to stay in the car. Before walking away, she reportedly turned off the engine and rolled up the car windows.

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A Mississippi woman sitting with a man in a vehicle parked outside of a business was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on him during a domestic dispute.

Late in the afternoon on May 3, a man and woman were sitting in a car parked outside a business in Lafayette County. Their encounter was reportedly less than pleasant, and the woman allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man. He was able to get out of the car, and he ran inside the business where he could take cover while notifying the authorities.

The man told the workers what was allegedly happening, and they allowed him to wait inside until the police arrived. Shortly after, officers from the Oxford Police Department headed to the address, and when they got there, they saw a woman sitting in a vehicle as the caller described.

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An alleged burglar assisted the police by running up to them and asking them to help him when he was being chased by someone who reportedly caught him trying to break into their home.

On April 29, someone was at their residence in South Creek, Florida, when they caught someone trying to break into the house. The person purported to be the perpetrator began to flee, and the resident chased after them.

A few moments later, the person being chased approached a Coconut Creek Police Department squad car that was stopped at a traffic light. It did not take long for the police to realize the man was being chased by someone who claimed he tried to burglarize their home.

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A woman from northeastern New Jersey was arrested on multiple charges after allegedly taking her child without permission while driving a vehicle that had previously been reported as stolen.

On April 24, a 28-year-old mother from Jersey City who reportedly does not have custody of her daughter took off in an automobile that was allegedly stolen. According to reports, she drove to an address in Bogota where her daughter was staying. She allegedly knew she was not supposed to take the child, but she reportedly left with her in the vehicle.

The authorities were notified, and it was reported that the child was found at a residence in Lodi with her mother.

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A Texas woman was arrested when she reportedly hit a man with her car after he confronted her for allegedly stealing mail out of strangers’ mailboxes.

Early in the evening on March 4, a man was taking a stroll in a San Antonio gated community when he reportedly saw two females going through mailboxes that lined the street. He tried to confront the pair, but they reportedly got in their vehicle and took off.

According to reports, another person driving in the community tried to prevent the women from leaving by blocking the car. The 35-year-old driver allegedly thwarted their attempt, but the man they initially interacted with was still standing nearby. The woman reportedly hit him with the vehicle she was driving before leaving the scene.

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A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly setting her Tinder date and his vehicle on fire when he failed to provide her with money to fix her car.

On November 16, a couple who met on Tinder wanted to get together to hang out, and they decided the man would pick her up from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Miami. The man reported that the meeting went well, and afterward, he dropped her off at the hotel.

The woman reportedly called the man around 5:00 AM on November 25, and she asked him to come to the hotel. When he arrived, the man stayed in his car. According to reports, the woman walked up to the vehicle with a jug in her hand. She reportedly told the man she was short on cash and needed to pay to have repairs done on her car.

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A woman from Park City, Illinois, is facing many charges after being accused of purposely running over her boyfriend with her vehicle, leaving him significantly injured.

According to reports, on October 1, a 27-year-old woman and her boyfriend went to a bar in Wheeling and had some drinks. When they left the establishment, the man was reportedly driving, and his companion was in the passenger’s seat.

While they were motoring through Mundelein, something caused the couple to have a dispute. They continued to argue, and when things intensified, the man pulled into a pizza restaurant’s parking lot. After he parked the car, he got out and began to walk away.

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A Florida man who was reportedly in a romantic relationship with his cousin was recently arrested for allegedly setting her car on fire in April.

According to reports, on April 29, a 37-year-old man from Miami allegedly lit a Jaguar XE sedan on fire that belonged to his cousin, who was also his girlfriend, on fire while it was parked in front of his house.

When the police learned about the incident and found that the man’s girlfriend was the owner of the vehicle, they tried but were unsuccessful in speaking to her until September 11. When they initially asked her about the car fire, the woman told them the vehicle ignited while she was operating it due to a mechanical issue.

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