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Drunk Couple Celebrating Nuptials Ends with Battery Charges

Within a few hours of their beach wedding ceremony, a Florida couple is facing charges after they became intoxicated and had a physical altercation.

Davenport, Florida, couple 61-year-old Daniel Gillen, and his new bride, 49-year-old GeGee Riposta, had their wedding ceremony on Clearwater Beach on Sunday, April 29.

During the celebration following their exchange of vows the newlyweds allegedly imbibed a bit too much causing them to become intoxicated. Gillen and Riposta then spent what most people consider one of the happiest days of their lives quarreling on and off throughout the affair.

Their squabbling allegedly turned physical when they retired to their room in the Clearwater Beach Hotel, causing authorities to dispatch to the location.

Officers from the Clearwater Police Department arrived at the scene around 10:15 p.m. and statements were taken from both Gillen and Riposte. They each reported that they had become intoxicated and had been fighting with each other all day.

Police could see that Gillen had visible scratches and injuries on his torso that they suspected were a result of the altercation that the man reported, alleging that Riposta had used her nails against him to cause the lacerations.

Riposta was also discovered with visible signs of physical harm consisting of scratches and scrapes on her knee. Riposta told the police that Gillen had clutched her throat and forced her to the floor, and the officers believed that her story was consistent with what they inspected on her leg. Riposte additionally noted to the officers that she did not lose the ability to breathe during the assault.

Gillen and Riposta were both arrested and taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Gillen, who has no prior record, was released on his own recognizance after being charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

Riposta was ordered to pay a $500 bond upon her release and she is facing a felony charge of battery due to a prior battery conviction, which she received in 1992.

In addition to the charges and despite the fact that the couple resides together they were given orders against contacting each other.

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