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Drunk Man Performs Magic Mike Style Show for Dining Couple

During their dinner visit to a steakhouse a couple was approached by a male patron of the establishment who allegedly had consumed too much alcohol and started stripping and dancing in front of them.

Jami and Christopher Carpenter were having dinner at the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Clearwater, Florida, when a man who had reportedly drank quite a bit that evening had the urge to give them an unsolicited table-side strip show.

The man accused of the act, 24-year-old James Dylan Jordan from Dunedin, allegedly began taking his clothes off while dancing close to Jami Carpenter in an erotic fashion. Jami was reported as becoming uncomfortable with his behavior so she requested Jordan leave the restaurant, but he allegedly became angry instead.

Jordan was accused of making fun of the woman for being overweight, and getting aggressive with Christopher by trying to intimidate him with the threat of physical violence.

A deputy from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the steakhouse, and after assessing the situation he placed Jordan under arrest for the disturbance he allegedly caused in the restaurant.

Jordan has been accused of misdemeanor disorderly conduct in an establishment. He posted $150 bond and was released from custody afterward.

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