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Cows with a Beef Against Fleeing Suspect Assisted Cops

One of three people that were allegedly in a car that had been reported as stolen went running into a cow pasture to try to avoid getting into trouble after the authorities caught up with the vehicle.

On Monday, 46-year-old Jennifer Anne Kaufman and 38-year-old Erin Thompson were allegedly the passengers in a stolen SUV driven by 46-year-old Jamie Michael Young.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle when they noticed it fit the description of an automobile that had been reported stolen, but the driver failed to obey and ignored the posted traffic signs. While the police were in pursuit the vehicle was reportedly seen drifting into a ditch on the side of the road where it got stuck and came to a stop.

When the police approached the SUV Young allegedly ran into a wooded area in one direction while Kaufman ran into a cow pasture in a different direction. Thompson remained at the scene with the officers.

Officers at the scene that were assisted by K9’s quickly found Young trying to conceal himself in the foliage, but Kaufman continued to run through the field full of cows.

The sheriff’s department’s helicopter captured the incident from above using a video recording device equipped with heat-detection and night-vision capabilities which provided them with the ability to direct the officers, who were trying to catch up with Kaufman, her location in addition to what the pilot told them was “a good visual.”

Kaufman was allegedly darting through the pasture, and when approximately 20 cows noticed her they became disturbed by her presence and began to pursue her. Kaufman navigated her way through the field until the herd had forced her to run to a fenced location where the police were awaiting her.

When the officers inspected the contents of the automobile they allegedly located over a gram of cocaine, and assorted paraphernalia.

Thompson and Young have been accused of petit theft, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

Kaufman is facing the same charges, but with the addition of a charge for violation of probation, and she is being held in lieu of $4500 bond.

The owner of the cows said that his animals have never acted hostile but that they may have felt protective about the babies in the herd, or gotten frightened by the unexpected event.

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