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Drunk Man Stole Motorcycle to Celebrate His Sobriety

The authorities have alleged that a man chose to commemorate his many months of sobriety by binging on alcohol and attempting to steal a motorcycle from a dealership lot.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a patron of Kelly’s Kawasaki in Mesa, Arizona flagged down an employee and reported that they spotted someone they believed was trying to remove a motorcycle from the business without paying for it.

The worker called the Mesa Police Department and officers were sent to the location.

When the police neared the motorcycle dealership they reportedly came across a man leaning against a fence next to a motorcycle without the engine turned on. The motorcycle was reportedly tipped slightly on its side with the exhaust pipe on the pavement. The authorities suspected that the man had stolen the two-wheeled motor vehicle from Kelly’s Kawasaki and rolled it to the spot they found him, which was approximately a mile from the business.

When the police interacted with the man, identified as 29-year-old Jackson Brady Hanley, Jr., the suspect allegedly spoke freely with them about what was taking place.

Hanley shared with the police that he had recently achieved 4-months of sobriety and in honor of the occasion he decided to misappropriate the motorcycle. He allegedly said that he was not going to turn the ignition until he brought the motorcycle back to his residence.

The authorities believed that Hanley appeared as if he had broken his sober streak by imbibing spirits. According to the police report, the suspect allegedly offered up the information that he had consumed vodka and Moscato.

Hanley was taken into custody and incarcerated for suspicion of felony theft of means of transportation.

Due to the way the motorcycle was leaning it was alleged that it would cost approximately $3,500 to repair the damage.

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