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Florida Man Offered Public Genital Showing at IHOP

A man who reportedly had several run-ins with the law in the same evening was arrested after he allegedly entered an IHOP and approached each patron with a proposition to view his genitals.

Throughout the evening of February 22, 24-year-old Allan Ibanez from Palm Harbor, Florida was reportedly involved in three incidents that drew the attention of the police but did not result in the man’s arrest.

Near 3:00 am, Ibanez reportedly walked into an IHOP restaurant in Clearwater where several diners were eating their meals.

As he walked through the restaurant, Ibanez allegedly made a guest appearance at each of the tables where customers were seated. When he spoke with the patrons, Ibanez allegedly made a pitch to present his genital area and condoms to the unsuspecting audiences.

When the manager of the restaurant tried to ask Ibanez to depart the man allegedly continued his gratuitous offerings, which reportedly caused the customers to become so put off that they wanted to leave.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies made their way to the eatery, and Ibanez was reportedly still inside when they arrived.

Ibanez was taken into custody, and after being charged for suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, the man spent approximately half a day locked up before being released on his own recognizance.

Around 4:00 in the afternoon, after he was freed from custody, Ibanez reportedly had a hankering for something sweet and went to a Speedway Gas Station and Convenience Store located in Largo to pick up a couple of donuts.

According to the police report, Ibanez consumed one of the pastries inside of the establishment, and then palmed the other before he walked out the door without giving the cashier the estimated $1.98 he reportedly owed.

After deputies responded to Ibanez’s alleged antics for the fourth time on the same day, they reported that the man told them he did eat one donut without paying, and he took the second because “all cops love donuts.”

The police detained Ibanez again, and he was booked into the county jail on a $250 bond.

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