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Drunk Suspect Booted State Trooper in Chest

A Massachusetts woman that was reportedly highly intoxicated was charged after she allegedly kicked a state deputy in the chest while he tried to help escort her to the hospital.

51-year-old Loretta Woodruff resides in the South Fork Borough area of Johnstown.

On February 27, the Pennsylvania State Police were notified about a possible domestic dispute taking place at Woodruff’s address.

State troopers were dispatched to the home, and when they spoke with Woodrow about what was going on she reported that she was injured.

The authorities inspected Woodruff’s visible wounds and took note of her condition. They asserted that it was likely that she had consumed a large quantity of alcohol.

When the police asked Woodruff how she became injured, the woman reportedly told them that the man in the home with her struck her in the face with a closed fist.

The troopers did not believe that the marks on her body looked like they were caused by someone punching her.

When they asked the man at the residence what had taken place, he reportedly told them that she had injured herself when she took a tumble down the flight of stairs in the home.

They determined the injuries looked as if they were obtained by the accidental descent on the steps that the man described, and the troopers hailed emergency medical technicians to the house.

The troopers were assisting Woodrow for transport to the hospital, and the woman allegedly became unruly.

According to reports, Woodrow stated “watch this,” just before she propelled her foot into the chest of one of the troopers.

Woodrow was taken into custody, and she was booked into the county jail. She is expected to face charges for suspicion of aggravated assault.

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