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DUI Arrestee Tried Strangling Self in Police Car

When a Tennessee woman was taken into custody for allegations of driving under the influence, she reportedly resisted arrest and attempted to choke herself with the seatbelt inside the police vehicle.

On September 22, 25-year-old Ariel Chamberlin was reportedly driving her Lexus in Hixon, which used to be unincorporated, but is now part of Chattanooga. Chamberlain also had two male passengers in the vehicle with her.

Officers from the Chattanooga Police Department were patrolling in the area where Chamberlain was traveling, and they reportedly spotted evidence of expired registration.

The police pulled over Chamberlain, and upon initial interaction with the people in the car, they believed they could smell alcohol, and purported that the driver was the source of the odor.

When they asked her for identification and proof of insurance, Chamberlain allegedly could not provide either to the authorities but issued her name.

The officers inquired about Chamberlain and her passengers’ activities, and it was reported that the woman would only confirm that she had been “out.”

The passengers, who said they were not well acquainted with Chamberlain, reportedly offered the information that they ran into the woman at the Leapin Leprechaun Irish Pub.

It was requested by the police that Chamberlain take part in a roadside sobriety test, but the woman was reportedly obstinate in her refusal to participate.

Handcuffs were affixed on the suspect, and the authorities reported that she was uncooperative while they tried to detain her.

The woman was placed in the police car while waiting for the officers to give her a test to see if she was positive for COVID-19, and Chamberlain allegedly became unruly and kicked a window, in addition to putting a seatbelt around her throat in a purported attempt to strangle herself.

It was reported that Chamberlain required the officers to carry her into the jail for booking, and she would not consent to a blood test to check her blood-alcohol content.

Chamberlain is expected to face charges for suspicion of DUI, two counts of resisting arrest or obstruction of the legal process, operating a vehicle without a license, failure to provide proof of insurance, and assault.

After a warrant for the procedure was granted, Chamberlain allegedly struggled and caused the three attempts to collect her blood to be unsuccessful, in addition to reportedly spitting in the face of the medical technician.

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