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Teen Caught Man Peeking Under Restaurant Bathroom Stall

A South Carolina registered sex offender was arrested after a teenage girl said she spotted him peering under the stall to watch her while she was using the bathroom in a restaurant.

On September 20, a 15-year-old girl went into the ladies’ room at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Duncan.

While the girl was using the facilities, she said she saw a man looking under the space between the stall she was using and the one next to it.

The teenager left the restroom and told her dad what happened, and he asked one of the restaurant employees to ask the man to exit if he was still inside.

The man, later identified as 53-year-old Douglas Lane, reportedly emerged from the ladies’ room and was immediately intercepted by the teen’s dad.

The two men reportedly began to fight physically, and Lane was said to have fled from the establishment.

When Lane entered the parking lot, several fathers that had come to the area for a softball game saw the man with blood on his face as he allegedly attempted to escape. They followed after him and pummeled him onto the ground to await the authorities.

Officers from the Duncan Police Department arrived at the Cracker Barrel and found that Lane had taken a serious beating before they got there.

After Lane received medical treatment, he was placed under arrest for suspicion of voyeurism, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lane, who has an extensive list of priors for similar offenses starting in 1997, went before a judge the following day.

It was ordered that he would be released and placed on home detention with the conditions that he must wear a GPS monitoring device.

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