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DUI in Golf Cart Teed Off by Trump Speech

When an elderly Florida man was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol while operating a golf cart, he allegedly told the police that he got drunk after becoming frustrated while tuning in as President Donald Trump was giving a live televised speech.

On July 30, President Trump delivered a speech covering topics such as COVID-19 response, the recent passing of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, and the use of mail-in-ballots in the November election.

82-year-old Cary De Van, a resident of The Villages in central Florida, was reportedly watching as Trump spoke to the public.

Following the President’s speech, De Van allegedly began to drink vodka and he reportedly took his golf cart out on a designated path after imbibing the spirits.

While allegedly navigating the motorized golf cart after drinking alcohol, De Van reportedly struck a curb and caused damage to the vehicle.

When the authorities were notified about the cart crash, officers went to the location and spoke with De Van about what had led up to the accident.

De Van reportedly disclosed his displeasure over the President’s words during the speech, and allegedly explained that he began drinking vodka after it concluded.

The police reported that the medics, who were already at the scene when they arrived, had checked De Van for injuries and said that he was not physically harmed in the incident.

According to the police report, the medics told the officers that they believed De Van had been consuming alcohol, and the officers asked the man to take roadside sobriety tests.

After allegedly performing poorly on the roadside tests, De Van reportedly agreed to breathalyzer testing.

The authorities reported that in their two attempts to gauge De Van’s blood-alcohol content using the device, they produced results of nearly .15.

After De Van was read his rights, the authorities noted that the man chose to exercise his right to remain silent.

De Van was taken into custody and incarcerated in the county jail on a $1,000 bond for suspicion of DUI.

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