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DUI Lawyer Enters Stranger’s Home Wearing Only T-Shirt and High Heels

According to Rutherford police, a Hackensack attorney who specializes in DUI cases let himself into the Rutherford, NJ home of an unsuspecting couple late on Saturday afternoon. They were further bewildered by the man’s attire which consisted only of a t-shirt and a pair of high heels.

He allegedly came into the home through an unlocked door while the husband and wife were watching television. Upon entering he announced, “I’m here!” He was bottomless and wearing a snug black T-shirt and black high heels at the time.

The astonished husband called 911 to report the incident, and when he noticed the intruder’s vehicle was parked in their driveway he wrote down the license plate number. The man reportedly realized he was in the wrong house and promptly returned to his car and drove away.

Later in the evening in the nearby city of Lyndhurst a man returned home to find an Accord parked in his driveway with someone asleep inside. The man called the police and when they arrived they found him wearing the same clothing he had on when he had walked into the home of the couple earlier that day.

When awakened by law enforcement he put on a pair of sweatpants he had inside the car and stepped out to speak with the police. He was reportedly very out-of-sorts, and he said he was unsure of how he had gotten to the Lyndhurst driveway. While inspecting the car police found a bag containing what they believed was ecstasy, and he was taken into custody.

The man was charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing for the Rutherford incident, and drug possession in Lyndhurst. He was taken to New Bridge Medical Center for examination.

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