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DUI Suspect Caught Seat-Swapping With Passenger

As the authorities were in pursuit of a vehicle that they believed was being operated by an intoxicated driver they reported that the suspect attempted to switch seats with his passenger before officers approached the car.

Early on Saturday, Tempe police officers spotted an automobile allegedly being driven down the road erratically and weaving between the designated driving lanes.

As the police came up to the vehicle they allegedly caught the driver, identified as 40-year-old Terrell Maurice Ray, and the passenger of the car changing seats in what was believed to be an attempt to convince the officers that the passenger was operating the automobile.

It was reported that Ray allegedly gave a statement explaining that he had already been to prison for over 2 years for an aggravated DUI charge that he was found guilty of. He reportedly said that he was trying to avoid another incarceration, so he tried to get his passenger to take the wheel before it was discovered that he was driving.

When the contents of the car were inspected the police allegedly came across a bottle of alcohol that had reportedly been opened.

Ray, whose license was found to be suspended at the time of his arrest, was taken into custody and charged with aggravated DUI.

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