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Suspect Assaulted Woman, Infant and Cops During Arrest

A Yale, Oklahoma, man is facing a host of charges after officers responding to a domestic violence call were met by a suspect who allegedly resisted arrest rather vehemently.

On the evening of December 19, 25-year-old Justin Howard Wilson reportedly went home under the influence of alcohol, and his neighbors allegedly believed he had also used other altering substances.

When Wilson showed up at his residence he was reportedly the passenger of a vehicle from which he allegedly tumbled out of and fell onto the ground. The woman at the home, said to be Wilson’s girlfriend, was reported as having tried to help him stand when he allegedly took a swing and landed a punch upon her, as well as the 9-month-old baby that she was holding in her arms.

The woman and child allegedly fell on the ground, while Wilson was said to have left the scene and went to a nearby home.

The authorities arrived and spoke with the alleged victim who told them that the baby had fallen out of her arms during the incident, and the child was taken to the hospital for medical assistance.

After finding Wilson at the neighbor’s residence the police chief and took him into custody and during his detainment it was reported that he was not cooperative. The chief alleged that he and Wilson ended up in a scuffle resulting in him getting hit by the suspect, and he used his baton to gain control of the situation.

Wilson was cuffed and placed in a seated position on the ground against the police car and he allegedly spat on one of the deputies at the scene. The authorities placed Wilson in a mask that would prevent him from spitting again and he was strapped to a cot for transport to the hospital, where he was medically sedated in order to calm him.

When he was taken to jail, Wilson was issued a $3000 bond and he is facing charges for one felony count of child abuse, one count of misdemeanor domestic assault and battery, one felony count of assault and battery on a police officer and one felony count of placing bodily wastes or fluids upon a police officer. If he is found guilty of the accusations Wilson could face more than a life sentence for the charges.

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