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DUI Suspect Drove 90 MPH and Escaped Police 3 Times

A man in Las Vegas was arrested on 17 counts after allegedly driving 90 MPH while under the influence and evading pursuing officers three times with the aid of inclement weather.

Late in the night on August 18, a 20-year-old was driving a purple Dodge Charger in Tulle Springs, and the car was allegedly sans license plates.

An officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was on patrol in the area, and they were driving an unmarked vehicle. The officer followed the car and spotted several people in a parking lot. The driver of the Charger pulled into the lot and allegedly did a 100-foot burnout.

An officer in a marked car assisted the other officer and attempted to pull over the Charger. According to reports, the driver allegedly sped off at approximately 90 MPH. The police were concerned about the situation since the weather was bad enough to make it too dangerous for a high-speed chase. They were also worried that the man was driving in residential areas.

Two additional times during the night, officers tried to perform traffic stops on the driver, but he reportedly got away each time.

The police believed they knew the suspect’s address, and they went to the residence. They asked the family to call and tell him to come home, and the man did as they said.

When the officers were talking to the man, they believed he showed indications of being intoxicated.

He was taken into custody and charged with 17 counts total, including four counts of reckless driving disregarding person/property, four counts of disregard for safety of person/property, three counts of driver disobeying an officer and endangering others, three counts of speeding 31+ mph over posted limit, one count of license plates improperly displayed, and one count of no proof of insurance. He was released from custody after posting bond.

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