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Women Stole $30,000 in Designer Handbags from CA Mall

Three women from Washington state were arrested after they were accused of stealing approximately $30,000 worth of designer handbags from a mall in California.

According to reports, on August 16, a store in The Americana at Brand shopping complex in Glendale was the target of a robbery. The store reported that designer handbags were missing from their inventory. The estimated total value of the missing bags was $30,000.

Officers on E-bikes from the Glendale Downtown Policing Unit were patrolling the area around The Americana at Brand around the time of the alleged theft. While they were still near the shopping center, they saw a vehicle being driven without license plates. The car was also blocking traffic, and the officers pulled over the driver.

When the officers reached the vehicle, they noted that there was a female driver and two female passengers inside. When the women, who are all from Washington state, were identified, the police learned that one of them was on probation for a theft crime.

It was reported that when the officers were peering into the car, they spotted tools usually used in burglaries. Upon further investigation of the inside of the automobile, the officers allegedly came across a sizeable stash of designer handbags. The bags still reportedly had price tags affixed to them, and the police were unable to locate receipts.

The officers spoke to the suspects, and each of them said that the bags did not belong to them.

When security from The Americana at Brand saw the women, they reported that they had encountered them when they stole from the establishment in the past.

The women, ages 26, 23, and 18, were taken into custody for suspicion of receiving stolen property, and possession of burglary tools. They were each released after posting $20,000 bonds.

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