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DUI Suspect in Violation of Stay-At-Home Order Detained

An Indiana man who got into a single-vehicle car accident was accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol in addition to violating the state-issued stay-at-home order. 

20-year-old Bloomington resident Joseph Baker was reportedly out until the very early morning hours on March 25.

While Baker was reportedly operating a Ford F-150, the vehicle veered off the roadway and smashed into the surrounding trees.

A patrolling County Sheriff’s deputy came across the accident and initiated contact with Baker, who did not reportedly get hurt during the event.

When the deputy was speaking with Baker about the incident he alleged that the man smelled like he had been drinking alcohol.

After Baker performed roadside sobriety tests the deputy informed him that he did not meet the standards for passing.

It was reported by Monroe County Sheriff Captain Ryan Davis that Baker said the reason he was on the road at the time was that he was on his way home from a “social gathering.”

The state of Indiana was given an order by the Governor that a stay-at-home order beginning on March 25 would go into effect for the entire state as a prevention against the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Baker’s alleged reason for being out in public did not fall into the category of what was deemed as pertinent travel as defined in the order, and he was held legally accountable for the accusation, as well as for the suspicion that he was driving while intoxicated.

Baker was taken into custody, and he is facing charges for suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, minor consuming alcohol, and disobeying a declaration of disaster emergency.

The authorities stated that they are not currently actively performing traffic stops to see why people are out and about.

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