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Maryland Couple Sexually Assaulted Woman in Key West

A couple who reportedly met a woman while they were visiting bars in Key West was accused of sexually taking advantage of their new friend when she was too drunk to take care of herself.

On January 24, 23-year-old Eleanora Kurban and her boyfriend 28-year-old Bryce Summerlin were reportedly on a vacation away from their Maryland residence and spending some time in Key West, Florida.

The pair reportedly decided to pay a visit to the Viva Saloon, where they were holding karaoke for the patrons for the evening’s entertainment.

While Kurban and Summerlin were at the establishment they reportedly ran into a woman who had come to meet a friend for a few drinks and take part in the karaoke.

The woman said she started to hang out and get acquainted with Kurban and Summerlin, and at approximately 1:00 am the three decided to walk down the street to the Bare Assets Gentleman’s Club together.

Due to the allegedly openly flirtatious behavior that Kurban and Summerlin were showing toward others in the strip club, the woman became curious and asked Summerlin if the couple was in a non-traditional relationship. He allegedly told her that they were not, and they were just having a good time.

When the trio departed from the club together after they all reportedly consumed several alcoholic beverages, the woman explained Kurban and Summerlin that she intended to ride her bicycle home.

Instead of allowing the woman to leave on two-wheels the couple reportedly offered to take her to their hotel room for a place to rest, and they all took a ride-share service to get to the hotel.

Since there was only one bed in the room, Summerlin reportedly explained he would rest on the floor while the girls shared the bed, but the woman said that when she started to nod off they told her he was going to sleep on the opposite side of his girlfriend instead.

According to the police statement, the woman reported that she was in and out of consciousness from the amount of alcohol she drank, and when she awoke at one point both Kurban and Summerlin were on top of her and performing sexual acts upon her. She additionally made a point to amplify that she did not agree to the event and that she verbalized it to the couple, in addition to telling them that they were hurting her.

When the alleged victim woke up the next day she went home and told her girlfriend what transpired the previous evening, and her girlfriend told her to go directly to the hospital.

The authorities went to the hospital and took the alleged victim’s statement about the events that occurred. She also was said to have produced a text message from Kurbin containing an alleged apology and called the purported events of the night “stupid.”

On March 26, both Kurban and Summerlin were taken into custody and booked into the county detention center for the accusations.

Summerlin was charged for suspicion of felony sexual assault, and he was held on a $100,000 bond.

Kurban was also hit with a felony sexual assault charge, and her bond was set at $50,000.

A short time following their arrests, the couple each paid their ordered bond amount and they were released from custody.

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