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Elderly Couple on Christmas Road Trip Caught with 60 Pounds of Marijuana

A Clearlake Oaks, California, couple driving across the country to deliver Christmas presents to family members are now facing felony charges, when the gifts they were planning to hand out were allegedly identified by police as packages collectively containing 60 pounds of marijuana.

80-year-old Patrick Jiron accompanied by his wife, 70-year-old Barbara Jiron, left California in their Toyota Tacoma with the intent of driving to Vermont and Boston to visit relatives for the holiday.

On December 19 as the couple drove through York, Nebraska, the York County Sheriff’s Department reportedly spotted the Jirons’ vehicle changing lanes and the driver failed to use the turn signal.

The Tacoma was pulled over for the traffic violation when deputies detected the pungent scent of fresh cannabis. When the drug detection dog at the scene allegedly confirmed their suspicions detectives searched the vehicle. They inspected the covered truck bed and police found 60 pounds of marijuana packaged in 25 or more plastic bags and placed inside of boxes. The bags were individually labeled with the name of the strains for identification. The high grade cannabis was determined to hold a street value of at least $300,000.

When they were questioned about the considerable amount of marijuana in their possession the couple explained that they intended it as Christmas gifts for their out-of-state relatives in Boston and Vermont, and they were not aware that it was illegal to drive the substance through Nebraska.

Patrick and Barbara Jiron were charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver, and having no drug tax stamp, which are both felonies. Patrick Jiron was placed in custody and released after paying his ordered bond. Barbara Jiron was not taken into custody due to the state of her health. They are both awaiting hearings scheduled to take place in York County Court in January.

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