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Elderly Man Savagely Beaten After Requesting Social Distance

An unmasked Florida man is facing charges for allegedly assaulting an elderly man shopping at a gas station convenience store due to a disagreement over social distancing protocol.

On the evening of September 8, a 24-year-old man and a 70-year-old man were both frequenting the Citgo gas station convenience store.

The elderly man noticed that the younger shopper was not wearing a face covering, and he assessed the distance between the two was much closer than the 6-foot protocol meant to protect against the possible spread of COVID-19.

When the concerned customer mentioned that he would like to have 6-feet between them, the younger man allegedly became confrontational.

The man reportedly disclosed that he came to the location regularly and did not appreciate being told where to stand.

As a result of the alleged beef, the elderly man headed out of the establishment with the reportedly heated suspect trailing behind.

After exiting the store, the 70-year-old immediately reentered, and his alleged attacker reportedly followed after him.

The alleged victim was reportedly grabbed by his hair as he lay on the ground, and the suspect pulled him from inside the store to the sidewalk in front of the entry door.

The employee working at the counter during the incident notified the Winter Park Police Department and reported that there was a disturbance at the station, and he believed he needed law enforcement to intervene.

While the worker reported the situation to the authorities, the alleged victim was seen on the store’s surveillance video as the suspect continuously punched his back, kicked him in the head, and spat on him.

The suspect left the Citgo premises before officers arrived, and the alleged victim was transported to the hospital.

When the police watched the surveillance recordings, it was reported that they were able to identify the man they believed was responsible for the battery.

The authorities arrived at Rovester Ingram’s residence a few hours after the report and took him into custody for the allegations.

Ingram was booked, and he is facing charges for suspicion of kidnapping with intent to harm or terrorize, and aggravated battery on a person over 65 resulting in great bodily harm.

The alleged victim was reported as having suffered from many injuries, including more than one broken bone.

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