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Suspect Assaulted Grocery Store Manager with Frozen Pizzas

A Pennsylvania man is facing charges after he allegedly bombarded the manager of a grocery store with boxes of frozen pizza.

Just after 3:00 pm on August 13, a man visited the Giant Eagle Supermarket and Pharmacy located at the Logan Towne Centre shopping mall in Altoona.

When the man went inside the grocery store, he was reportedly not wearing a face mask, as is required for anyone in the establishment.

The man was reportedly asked to put on a mask, but he allegedly refused.

A manager that was on duty at the time tried to walk up to the man, but before he was able to get close enough to have a discussion, the shopper allegedly began to propel boxes of frozen pizzas in his direction.

Many of the boxes that were reportedly hurled toward the manager were said to have struck the man, and the allegedly dissatisfied suspect left the store.

The Logan County Police Department was notified about the situation, and when officers took a statement about the incident from the manager, the man said that he had seen the suspect’s vehicle.

After they implemented the information provided by the alleged victim about the suspect’s truck into their investigation, the authorities were able to use it to help them in finding the man they believed was responsible for the reported frozen pizza attack.

Later that afternoon, the police were successful in performing a traffic stop when they saw the truck driving down a local street.

The man behind the wheel was identified as 35-year-old Patrick Steiner, and the police asserted that he was the person involved in the incident at Giant Eagle.

Steiner is expected to face charges for suspicion of summary disorderly conduct, and harassment.

In the state of Pennsylvania, a summary offense is defined as “the most minor type of criminal offense in Pennsylvania” and is often called a “non-traffic citation.”

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