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Electric CEO Embezzled $75k For Home Renovations

The CEO of a Nevada electric company has been accused of billing the organization $75,000 for home improvements that she hired contractors to make on her land.

The Valley Electric Association in Pahrump, Nevada, has recently been the focus of the authorities regarding suspicions that the origin of a 9% rate hike for utilities was imposed as a result of shady financial dealings involving the former CEO.

The company, which provides service to customers in a 6,800 square mile radius, had reportedly given their clients the impression that the rates would remain the same, but then informed them of the unexpected increase after the former CEO resigned in May.

It was reported that the CEO left his position to seek other opportunities following allegations that he was named as taking part in a situation with a coworker involving sexual harassment. The authorities posited that the CEO gave financial incentives to the management and higher-ups in the organization in trade for their silence, and they felt there was just cause to learn if the rate increase had any correlation to the claims.

During their investigation of the initial claims, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant and inspected the offices last Friday.

In the midst of their research while on the premises, the investigators reportedly discovered that Angela Evans, the CEO who had taken over when the position became available, was implicated as one of the people who had accepted the hush money from her predecessor. They were also allegedly given information that Evans had some costly work done at her home, but the person dishing the dirt was not in the know about who paid for the job when it was completed.

Taking the collected info into consideration, the inspectors scoped out Evans’ home and reported that all of the dwellings in the area except hers had visible power lines, so they presumed that the work was related to concealing them for aesthetic reasons.

The sheriff’s department asked for another warrant so they could dig deeper into the new findings at the electric company, and they went back to the association in an effort to obtain more proof that Evans illegally misused company cash.

During their visit, they allegedly uncovered a $75,000 transaction billed to Valley Electric Association that they have suspected was used for the improvements on Evans’ yard.

Evans was put on suspension at work, and apprehended by deputies for the accusations.

Evans, who is looking at possible embezzlement charges, allegedly issued an inconclusive statement to the authorities regarding the money and said that if there was, in fact, any money owed for the work at her home she would take care of it.

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