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Police Ended Hours-Long Standoff With Pizza

A Florida man who was in the midst of being detained for alleged assault trapped himself inside his residence for several hours when police tried to arrest him, but he reportedly became cooperative when they offered him a piece of pizza.

On the morning of February 26, the grandmother of Evan Charles McLemore called the authorities reporting that he had assaulted her and then locked himself in his room claiming he had a gun to his head.

Officers that specialize in crisis negotiation arrived at the home and McLemore allegedly kept them at bay while he remained secured inside the residence for a total of four hours.

The offering that allegedly convinced McLemore to cooperate with the police was the proposal of pizza which he reportedly accepted, putting an end to the stalemate.

The officers learned that there was an active warrant for McLemore’s arrest for allegations that he was the perpetrator of aggravated assault based on texts he reportedly sent to his stepmom. One of the allegedly menacing messages was said to contain a sentence from the lyrics of the critically acclaimed Coldplay tune “Fix You.” Ironically, the song, which the band stated upon release was penned to support the lead singer’s then-girlfriend actress Gwenyth Paltrow when her father died, has regularly been used as a catalyst for encouragement and support in pop culture.

When McLemore emerged for the cheesy treat he allegedly disclosed that he had consumed drugs while he was in the house so the authorities took him for a medical assessment on the way to jail.

McLemore was charged with resisting an officer without violence, and aggravated stalking and his bond was set at $105,000.

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