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Ex-Coroner Pleaded Not Guilty to Child Sex Accusations

A man who spent over two decades working with law enforcement is facing several criminal charges for allegations that he was the perpetrator of child sexual abuse.

50-year-old Kip Wayne Teal had a 22-year career in Spartanburg County law enforcement agencies, the past four of which he was with the Coroner’s office.

Teal, who resigned from his position approximately a year ago for unrelated reasons, has been accused of incidents involving the sexual assault of a minor that purportedly took place from August 2013 until July 2016. The youngster in question’s reported abuse began when she was 6.

The former officer has been charged with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor younger than 11 years old, and three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

When Teal first stood before a judge he entered a plea of not guilty to all of the charges and elected to have the case tried by a jury.

His legal representation found that Teal displayed symptoms indicating problems with his mental health and believed that his client was in need of assessment and possible treatment. During his bond hearing, Teal was granted a continuance in lieu of an evaluation of his mental health. He is scheduled to return to court in 90 days.

When he was incarcerated, Teal was placed in solitary to protect him from possible issues with others inside the jail since he had spent so many years working in law enforcement in the community.

Teal, who is a recipient of the Medal of Valor from the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association for successfully saving a disabled man who was in danger of being hit by a train, was described by one of his captains as performing his job well and having a seemingly normal personal life.

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