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Family Monopoly Game Caused Fight Involving Gunfire 

An Oklahoma man is facing charges after a game of Monopoly with relatives allegedly turned into a domestic violence incident causing him to chase members of his family down the street with a gun. 

On the evening of November 26, a Tulsa man was spending time and having alcoholic beverages with his relatives. His stepfather and stepsister were in attendance. During his visit, he and his family began to play a game of Monopoly. 

As they were playing, the man and his stepdad had a disagreement. While Monopoly is notorious for causing strife between players, it was not reported whether the game was the reason for the contention. 

During the alleged confrontation, the Monopoly board and money were knocked onto the ground. A table and other pieces of furniture were overturned during the scuffle. 

One of the other family members ordered the pair to go outside if they planned to continue the fight. 

The man and his stepfather stepped out of the house, and his stepsister joined them. 

According to reports, the man had a handgun on him. He allegedly fired it while running after his stepdad and stepsister. 

Officers with the Tulsa Police Department arrived, and they reported that when they inspected the home, the game pieces and furniture were still in a state of disarray. 

The man who reportedly shot the gun spoke with the police, and he allegedly told them that when he fired the weapon he was aiming at the ground. It was noted that he had a gash on his forehead, but they still determined that he was the aggressor of the incident. 

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Tulsa County Jail. It is expected that he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

It was reported that no one was injured during the incident, and the police were unable to locate a weapon at the scene. 

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