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Fatal DUI-Related Accident in Orange County

A 27-year old Orange County man is being arraigned on driving under the influence and murder charges after he allegedly caused a DUI-related accident that killed his 20 year old nephew.

Apparently, the alleged driver, Tapu Aniceto Sitagata, was drinking with a group of friends and family members when they were asked to leave the bar after becoming too rowdy. While still in the bar’s parking lot, both the bartender and a local arresting officer offered to call a taxi to take the group home. Sitagata and his friends refused, claiming a taxi cab had already been called.

Police say that moments after the officer’s departure, Sitagata got behind the wheel of his car and then crashed into a light pole  in  Irvine, killing 20-year-old Pesa Sitagata and causing serious injuries to his 34-year-old brother-in-law Aron La.

Police allege that Sitagata was driving with a blood alcohol content level of .17%, which is more than twice the legal limit. They also said he fled from the scene of the accident. Sitagata is now facing one count of felony hit and run with injury, one misdemeanor count of driving on a suspended license and sentencing enhancements. If convicted, the Orange County man could be facing  life in prison.

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