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Non-Profit Awards UCI for Promoting DUI Awareness

An award-winning non-profit organization, RADD, or The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety, led a press conference and awards ceremony at the University of California, Irvine to commemorate two grants that focus on college communities and local bars and restaurants.

RADD is dedicated to promoting road safety including minimizing DUI-related accidents as well as rewarding non-drinking designated drivers and cab riders. The organization, which was founded in 1986, is known for the phrase “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” and team ups with celebrities and media partners to get its message across all age groups.

RADD provided statistics saying that in 2009 alone, there were over 617 fatal victims of DUI related accidents in California alone.  Because of these staggering numbers, the non-profit collaborates with local schools and businesses to help educate and bring awareness to traffic safety by handing out RADD Reward Cards to young adults and providing outreach events throughout the state of California.

During the DUI awareness event in Irvine, RADD unveiled the “RADD Scion” which has been wrapped in messages promoting road safety as well as the RADD logo and will be housed at UCI. The Scion  was donated by Toyota Motor Sales USA which has donated more than $500 million to philanthropic programs in the US. Toyota supports numerous organizations and believes in supporting those with long-term sustainable results, such as RADD.

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