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Father and His Teenage Daughter Arrested for Incest

A Panama City, Florida, dad and his teenage daughter are facing incest charges after they were spotted engaging in sexual intercourse.

39-year-old Justin Robert Bunn and his 19-year-old daughter Taylor Marie Bunn share a dwelling in Panama City.

On February 18 Bunn and his daughter were seen by a neighbor while they were purportedly in their backyard “having sexual intercourse in a missionary position,” as recorded in the official affidavit. The neighbor then reported what they had allegedly witnessed to the police.

In the late morning hours on February 27, the Panama City Police apprehended both father and daughter, and they were booked into the Bay County Jail on suspicion of incest.

Justin Bunn disclosed that while he did have coitus with Taylor Bunn it was a one-time happening and it was mutually consensual. When Taylor gave a statement to police, she allegedly stated several times that she and her father did have sex, and also asserted that the encounter was consensual.

Justin Bunn was officially charged with felony incest and his bond was set at $5000. He is additionally prohibited from having any association with his daughter.

Taylor Bunn is also facing a charge of felony incest and she is being held in lieu of a $1000 bond. She has also been ordered against having any interactions with her father.

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