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Breaking Bad Fan Facing Federal Charges for Making Ricin

An Arkansas man may be charged with possession of an unregistered select agent after federal authorities discovered two glass jars of liquid ricin in his home after he accidentally came in contact with the substance and called 911 for medical assistance.

Saline County resident Alexander Jordan is a 21-year-old man who lives in a home with his mother and stepfather.  Jordan was employed by the Jefferson Regional Medical Center and serves in the United States Army National Guard.

Jordan, though unhappy about the decision, had recently concluded with his superiors that it would be best if he was released from his position at the medical center. It was also disclosed that he is currently suffering from depression, and this diagnosis has led to his impending dismissal from the Guard.

Jordan allegedly found a recipe for making ricin on the internet after recalling that the hit pop culture television show Breaking Bad depicted the main character producing ricin in two instances. Ricin is a lethal by-product of castor beans mixed with other ingredients which produces a liquid that is then converted into powder form.

Last week Jordan allegedly made two mason jars containing the liquid form of ricin. While working with the substance some of the fluid came into contact with his hands and had touched his mouth. He reportedly began experiencing symptoms such as irregularity with his heart, visual distortion, suicidal thoughts, and diarrhea.

Jordan called 911 and asked for medical assistance, and warned the emergency responders entering his home that there was “stuff in there of mass destruction.” He was transported to UAMS and sent home after he was treated.

The following day U.S. Magistrate Judge Beth Deere issued a search warrant to the FBI, and they dispatched to Jordan’s home with a support team from the Arkansas National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction. They located the jars of ricin in addition to the blender used to produce it and took possession of the materials.

During Jordan’s initial appearance in court, a Special Agent stated that Jordan reportedly said he made the ricin because he wanted to see if he could so he could prove that he was not worthless and that he had learned of the substance from Breaking Bad.

Jordan also allegedly said that he was contemplating using the ricin to commit suicide but he never had any intention of using it on others.

Deere stated, “I don’t think jail is the right place for a seriously mentally ill person, but I don’t think home is either,” and ruled that Jordan be released into the custody of his stepfather and immediately taken to UAMS for inpatient services until such a time that he is able to have an extensive medical examination at a federal prison facility.

Jordan is awaiting a decision from a grand jury which will determine if he will be charged with possession of an unregistered select agent.

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