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Faux Cop Flashed Bare Palm when Asked to Show Badge

A Pennsylvania woman reportedly claimed she was a law enforcement officer and showed her bare hand as a badge in alleged attempts to gain entry to a residence.

29-year-old Katelyn Light reportedly has no fixed address, but she spends her time in the Altoona area.

Around 7:30 pm on March 28, Light was reportedly walking around when she saw a woman sitting outside a home.

Light reportedly approached the woman and said that she was a police officer trying to retrieve over a dozen children from the basement of a neighboring home. Light allegedly showed her empty hand to the woman while claiming it was her badge.

The woman reported that she kept an eye on Light as she tried to enter the house next door through a window leading to the basement.

When Light was unsuccessful, she reportedly let herself into the house through the front door. The residents were inside, and Light allegedly declared herself an officer and flashed her bare palm as a badge.

They determined Light was not a cop, and one of the people in the home ushered the woman out the front door before notifying the authorities.

When officers with the Altoona Police Department responded to the report, Light was seen on a street corner close to the scene of the alleged incident.

As they interacted with Light, the police reported that the woman showed many indications of being altered from a substance.

The woman was reportedly holding hypodermic syringes, three wax packets with nothing inside of them, and two tiny plastic baggies.

The officers asked Light about the syringes, and it was reported that the woman said she had them for recreational drug use.

Light was taken into custody, and she is facing charges for suspicion of burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, public drunkenness, and impersonating a member of law enforcement. She was housed in the Blair County Prison on a $7,500 cash bail.

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