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Tax Preparer Held Customers at Gunpoint and Pistol Whipped Client

A Texas tax preparer with a felony record who was confronted by unhappy customers reportedly pulled a gun on them and hit a woman in the head with the weapon.

46-year-old Latunya Wright served a federal prison term following a 2012 conviction for taking part in a multi-million dollar scam on a company that services ATMs.

Since Wright’s release, she has reportedly opened a Houston-based tax preparing business called MZ BIZ.

During the current tax season, some of Wright’s customers reportedly experienced issues with their filings.

On March 25, a woman visited MZ BIZ after she had her tax filing rejected by the IRS for errors that she asserted Wright made when preparing the forms.

When she arrived, the woman said there were other customers in the business who were having disputes with Wright over their tax issues.

The woman reported that while Wright was confronted with the dissatisfied patrons, she saw her retrieve a handgun.

The woman began to record the incident using her cell phone.

Wright allegedly pulled back the hammer and aimed the gun at a man in the establishment, and stood in front of the exit keeping the people inside from leaving.

As seen in the recording, which has been posted online, Wright saw the woman filming and snatched the phone from her. The woman said Wright deleted the video file, but her phone has a service that stores her recorded content.

The woman reported that Wright took the gun and smashed her over the head with it so violently that she had to go to the hospital.

After the police arrived, Wright was taken into custody and booked at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for suspicion of aggravated robbery and assault.

Her defense attorney has asserted that the people inside MZ BIZ were not clients of Wright’s and that her shoulder had been dislocated during the incident.

The alleged victim of the assault reported that she is still recovering physically and emotionally. She reported that she is still unable to see properly out of one eye, and she is suffering a high level of anxiety.

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