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Faux Uber Driver With Passengers Arrested For DUI

A man who was allegedly under the influence was also accused of transporting two women under the guise that he was an Uber driver.

Last week, two women had gone out for drinks and ended up at the Cookout in Nashville, when they decided to hail an Uber so they wouldn’t be on the road after imbibing.

A vehicle approached and the women got inside, and both took a seat in the back.

As the driver made his way down the Interstate, a Metro Police Officer saw the car in an alleged violation of the “Move Over” law, also known as the “Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles” law, which nearly all states have adopted.

The officer pulled over the Chrysler, and when they started to interact it was assumed that the driver was working for a ride service such as Lyft or Uber because his passengers were seated in the back. The riders also confirmed with the officer that they had ordered an Uber and met the car at their requested pick-up location.

The driver, identified as Milian Tesfay, was undergoing further interrogation from the officer. It reported that the cop’s suspicions were raised based on his opinion that Tesfay had changed his demeanor unexpectedly. The officer also alleged that Tesfay displayed behavior indicative of someone who had been drinking alcohol.

The woman who ordered the Uber allowed the officer to look at her phone, and he pointed out that they were assigned to be picked up by a Honda Accord and had gotten into the wrong vehicle. The officer then assisted the women in being picked up by a legitimate Uber driver.

Tesfay, who allegedly later disclosed that he didn’t work for Uber, was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. When the officer attempted to cuff him, it was reported that Tesfay was rocking from side to side and held his hands in front of his body, which resulted in an additional charge for resisting arrest.

While issuing a statement to the media about the incident, the arresting officer said that it is not currently against the law to imitate a driver working for a ride service. He additionally said that Tesfay’s intentions are completely unknown, and it’s possible he may have just been giving the women a ride.

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