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Man’s Scrotum Split Open During Fight With Ex

While fighting with her ex-boyfriend, a woman allegedly punched the man below the belt resulting in a bloody injury and several charges.

On Saturday, 32-year-old Micaela Huettner reportedly went to her ex-boyfriend’s Huntington Township home and allegedly let herself in, unbeknownst to him, while he was out for the evening.

Upon the man’s homecoming, he entered to find Huettner waiting for him, and she was allegedly in a less-than-friendly mood when she greeted him.

The man said that Huettner started to grill him about where he had gone that night and what he was doing while he was away from his house. Her alleged interrogation led to an argument between the former couple, during which the man reportedly asked Huettner to leave more than once.

Huettner allegedly paid no attention to her ex’s reported appeals to get her out of his home and was said to have persisted in pestering him.

The man reportedly felt like the squabble was going in circles, and he started to usher Huettner toward the door since she allegedly would not exit his residence on her own volition.

While the man led Huettner she allegedly responded by making a fist and slamming it into his genitals.

Following the reportedly ruthless punch, Huettner allegedly stopped in her tracks when realizing that her ex was injured, which caused the man to realize that he might be seriously hurt.

The man called for emergency assistance and an ambulance reached his residence before law enforcement.

A Pennsylvania State Trooper arrived and met with the alleged victim as he was in the emergency vehicle. The man stated that Huettner had hit him while they were arguing and her punch caused his scrotum skin to split open, which left one of his testicles visible. It was recorded in the official affidavit that the man would not issue any further information regarding the alleged incident.

When the trooper was collecting a statement from Huettner, she allegedly altered her retelling of what had transpired a few times.

A reddened area was visible on the woman’s forehead, but she would not confirm that it had come from the current situation.

Huettner was taken into custody and she has been charged for suspicion of harassment, reckless endangerment, simple assault, and felony aggravated assault. She was released from custody on $5000 bond five days after her arrest.

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