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Felon Robbed Parents Before Kidnapping their Daughter

A felon in Florida reportedly used a gun to abduct a mother, father, and their 18-year-old daughter and fled with the teen after dumping her parents on the side of the road.

37-year-old Jaddier T. Sanchez is a felon who served a 15-year prison sentence for armed robbery with a deadly weapon, and he was released from the Palm County Jail in May. Sanchez was also previously sentenced to incarceration for stalking and burglary charges.

On January 17, the Martinez family was returning to their Pembroke Pines residence.

When they pulled up to the home, the Martinez’s were reportedly met by Sanchez. His relationship with the family has not been confirmed, but he is purported to be their daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

The family owns a truck that was at the residence, and Sanchez allegedly produced a firearm and demanded that they all get into the vehicle.

Sanchez reportedly ushered the Martinez family to many ATM’s and demanded they take money from their account and give it to him.

When he had driven approximately an hour away to Belle Glade, Sanchez allegedly ejected the parents from the truck and left them on the roadside before fleeing with the 18-year-old girl.

The authorities were notified about the incident, and after taking statements about the situation they began to search for the alleged kidnapping victim.

The following day, at approximately 12:30 AM, the truck that Sanchez was reportedly driving was spotted by the Virginia State Police in Alexandria.

When they pulled him over and identified Sanchez and the girl, Sanchez was taken into custody. The charges that he will face have not yet been reported.

The teenager was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and her condition is currently unknown.

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