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Felon Sexually Assaulted Toddler in Public Restroom

A man has been accused of grabbing and sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in a Chicago McDonald’s while her dad was busy helping her brother in the adjoining stall.

Around 8:00 am, a mother and father visited the Rock N Roll McDonald’s in Chicago with their children.

During their visit, their little boy needed to use the bathroom, but he accidentally went in his pants. His father walked him to the bathroom with the couple’s 3-year-old daughter in tow.

The dad and son went into one of the bathroom stalls, and the little girl reportedly stood right outside the stall to wait for them.

While she was standing there, the little girl reportedly interacted with a man who was also in the restroom, and she allegedly accompanied him into the stall next to the one where her dad was helping her brother.

The child reportedly began to yell to her father for help, but when he heard her and rushed to open the door of the stall she was in, he found that it had been locked.

When the girl’s father was unable to force the door open he reached underneath and yanked her out by her legs.

The youngster reported that while she was in the stall with the strange man, he sat her on his lap and removed her underpants before he sexually abused her.

The surveillance camera footage from the establishment was reviewed by the authorities and they identified the man that the believed was inside of the McDonald’s bathroom with the little girl.

After two-days, 34-year-old Christopher Puente was taken into custody as the alleged perpetrator of the incident with the child.

Puente, who is an undocumented citizen living in Chicago under sanctuary law, was booked into jail for suspicion of predatory criminal sexual assault.

ICE made an attempt to remove Puente from the United States last June based on prior unrelated criminal incidents he was reported as being involved in, but they were unable to follow through due to the sanctuary laws. After his current arrest, ICE has filed an immigration retainer with the county jail.

Chicago officials have asserted their position of having a sanctuary law in response to the actions of ICE regarding the case.

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