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Man Pursuing Hell Hound Assaulted Neighbors in Their Home


A man who allegedly said he had been taking methamphetamine for days reportedly followed what he called a “demon dog” and entered a neighbor’s home before choking the woman and her child.

Last Sunday afternoon in Luzerne Township, Pennsylvania a woman and her 14-year-old son and young daughters were home together while her husband was out.

In a reportedly startling event, one of the neighbors from a nearby home allegedly ran into their residence without an invitation.

According to a state trooper, 31-year-old Terry Murphy went into the home and loudly announced he was there because he was “chasing the demon dog for Satan.”

Following his alleged pursuit of the evil canine, Murphy reportedly started choking the woman and the teenage boy, and while doing so he allegedly stated “praise God.” The two youngsters were said to have viewed as their mother and brother were allegedly assaulted.

After the event, the woman’s husband rushed to the house and Murphy allegedly bolted from the home, but he was intercepted by other neighbors who kept him there until the authorities arrived.

When the police spoke with Murphy about the accusations, the man reportedly told them that he had been using methamphetamine and was awake for nearly a week. He additionally was recorded as stating that he had not had anything to eat during that period of time.

Murphy was given treatment at the Uniontown Hospital, and upon his release, the police brought him to the county booking center.

Murphy had an arraignment, and he was charged for suspicion of burglary, criminal trespass, strangulation, simple assault, resisting arrest, endangering the welfare of children, disorderly conduct, harassment, and public drunkenness before being incarcerated in the county jail.

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