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Fire Captain and Paramedic Stole Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

The Polk County Fire Rescue Captain, along with one of their paramedics, are facing charges for allegedly swiping doses of COVID-19 vaccinations that were intended for first responders.

31-year-old Joshua Colon worked as a paramedic for the Polk County Fire Rescue. Last year, he was the “Paramedic of the Year.”

Colon was reportedly tasked with giving vaccines to first responders.

When the vials with the doses arrived at the beginning of January, Colon allegedly filed reports confirming the number of vaccines that had been administered. A couple of doses were reported unusable due to overexposure, which is reportedly typical.

A battalion chief was looking over the figures that Colon reportedly submitted, and they alleged that the numbers did not add up.

Upon further inspection, it was asserted that Colon intentionally falsified three names in the paperwork. One of the names was allegedly that of a former firefighter. The other two names appeared to be completely made up, with one of them appearing similar to the name of a current firefighter.

Colon resigned from his position on January 22.

When he spoke with investigators at his lawyer’s office, Colon reportedly told them that his captain, Anthony Damiano, requested that he get his hands on three doses of the vaccine. Damiano purportedly intended to use one of the doses for his mother.

Colon reported that when he said no, Damiano said that he would fabricate a story accusing Colon of reselling doses of the vaccine for a profit.

Colon told the authorities that when he returned from a break, he noticed that there were missing doses and assumed Damiano had taken them. Colon allegedly tried to hide the missing doses by submitting the fabricated names in the documents.

While the authorities monitored the line, Colon reportedly spoke with Damiano, who was out of state on a job. Colon asked Damiano where he was keeping the vaccines.

The police went to the location and reported that they discovered two of the three allegedly missing doses.

Colon was arrested on January 25, and he is expected to face charges for four counts of forgery, four counts of uttering a forged instrument, four counts of falsifying medical records, two counts of creating fictional personal identification, and one count each of official misconduct, and criminal use of personal identification. He was released on bond.

Damiano returned home and turned himself in on January 27. He is facing charges for suspicion of felony official misconduct and misdemeanor petit theft.

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