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Flash Mob Stealing Makeup Finally Caught

Several Ulta beauty stores have been hit by thieves all around the Southern California area, including the Cerritos, Lakewood, Tustin, Rosemead, Redondo Beach, and The Rolling Hills Estates stores. Stores are claiming estimated loss of $100,000.

Seargant Mark Moffet of the Lomita Sheriff’s Department has said the thieves operated in what he called a “mob style.” They would enter the store as a group, spread out and stuff as much merchandise in their pockets as they could, and then rush out before police had a chance to arrive.

An eight person team hit the Rolling Hills Estates store, where officers were able to identify a known gang member as one of the suspects. “Once we identified some players, the flood gates opened up,” Sergeant Moffet said.

Once police had one suspect, they used an Automated License Plate Recognition system to alert them when the man returned to the Peninsula area. From there they found seven suspects, four of which are children.

22-year old Rafael Ramirez and 27-year old Crystal Ramirez were convicted on multiple counts of burglary and shoplifting. Crystal Ramirez was convicted of child endangerment. Rafael Ramirez was sentenced to 32 months in prison and Crystal Ramirez received a two-year jail sentence. Charges against other suspects remain outstanding.

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