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A Serial Shoplifter’s Stealing Spree Comes To An End

A 29 year old man, the suspect of a yearlong shoplifting spree, was arrested at his Santa Ana home on Tuesday after police served a search warrant and found thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise.

The suspect repeatedly terrorized retailers and their employees in several Orange County cities while using a replica gun to steal high end merchandise. At his home police found what they believe to be stolen merchandise, including: Gucci and Michael Kors handbags, children’s clothes, and perfumes. The police also found drug paraphernalia in the home. They were all stolen Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana police department said.

Police also found a syringe and a bent spoon used for injecting heroin.

The suspect has a long criminal record including felonies. He is suspected in 18 shoplifting cases since March of last year, Bertagna said. In some instances he would use his kids to assist him with shoplifting.

For now the suspect is being held on suspicion of petty theft and assault with a deadly weapon, a charge that lead to his arrest.

On November 23rd the suspect pulled into an apartment parking lot to get some food from a food truck. The apartment manager was using a leaf blower in the parking lot and the suspect became upset. The manager told him he didn’t belong here, Bertagna said. So the suspect went to his car to retrieve his gun and allegedly struck the man with the butt of the gun.

The suspect should be arraigned on Thursday or Friday, Bertagna said.

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