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Florida Man Arrested for Violently Defending Tom Brady

A man with a purportedly passionate preference for Tom Brady allegedly attacked three people during a fight about the football star.

33-year-old Brian Paulter and his 34-year-old wife reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.

On Mother’s day, Paulter reportedly spent the day drinking with his friends.

Around 9:00 pm, Paulter and his friends were traveling in a vehicle together and heading to his home.

During the ride, the topic of Tom Brady was reportedly discussed amongst the bunch.

According to reports, Paulter and his friends did not see eye to eye on their feelings about the quarterback.

Their opposing views reportedly started an argument between Paulter and his friends.

When they arrived at Paulter’s home, the man was allegedly still hot under the collar about the argument. Paulter and one of his friends reportedly “became physical with one another.” Paulter allegedly injured the man by striking him in the face many times, using a closed fist.

Paulter walked away and went into his house.

When he got inside, he reportedly verbally attacked the alleged victim’s wife. Afterward, Paulter’s wife was reportedly injured when he pushed her, causing her to smack her head on the counter.

Police arrived at the home, and they reported that the man Paulter allegedly punched lost a lot of blood from his wounds. They also noted that Paulter’s wife had “a very large contusion on her forehead and suffered a large laceration.”

The defendant’s wife would not talk to the officers about what had transpired, but the wife of the man he reportedly hit gave a statement about the alleged altercation.

Paulter was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County jail. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic battery.

According to the police report, Paulter’s wife does not want to press charges.

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